March 2016 Monthly Students Innovation Forum

March 2016 Monthly Students Innovation Forum

The Monthly Students Innovation Forum held on 30/03/2016 had great engagements. Students from school of Computing Sciences unveiled a “robotic car.”

Led by Bhagyashree Halai, they demonstrated their skills in mechanics and electronics based on the knowledge acquired on Mobile Robots in the previous forums and their core areas of study.

Pauline Wambeti from Softlink Options Limited reiterated the importance of having both soft and hard skills that make employees and employers productive.

Godfrey Njoroge made a presentation on Fibonacci Series and showed the key areas of application of this simple yet powerful mathematical concept.

Frith Muindi discussed the importance of Solar Panels and illustrated the Solar Roadways where Solar systems as used on the roads, playing fields and parking lots among other areas..

Below are a few photos of the function.
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