Mr. Matthew Thiong’o

Mr. Matthew Thiong’o


Mr. Matthew Thiong’o has specialized in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems and is an Engineer by profession.

He is passionate about training & imparting knowledge, technology innovation and has been involved in automation, robotics, digital electronics/microcontroller systems designs and other technology related projects.

He has a Bachelor’s of Philosophy in Technology (B-Phil Tech), Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree, majoring in Automation, Control and Instrumentation. Holds a Higher National Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Kenya and has also undergone professional training in Fiber Optics communications.
He is a Certified Oracle Java programming trainer, accredited trainer of Cisco IT Essentials (ITE), an accredited ICDL Trainer & Tester and is a member of Engineers Registration Board of Kenya (ERB).

He has a wealth of Knowledge and Experience in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Digital Electronics Designing, Microprocessors, and Embedded Systems Designs, Robotics & automation, PCB designing & fabrication, Computer systems and has interests in AI research.

Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Systems.